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5 stars tour I have been to Thailand several times, toured the places on my own. Tai took me on a tour and re-discovered Thailand all over again.
  Natan Morgau, Israel, 07.04.2009
5 stars tour Combining an excellent knowledge of the area, a great personality and excellent english language, Mr. Tai is invaluable for a first time or repeat visitor to Thailand. He did a fabulous job, our entire visit was a wonderful experience thanks to him.
  Paul Girsmit, USA, 19.03.2009

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5 stars tour I'm very impressed about Tai's serveice and quality of tour. First of all tour starts at pointed time :) It is very unknown in Asia. Second one - tour was heavy filled with info and it wasn't boreing coz Tai's stories are full of jokes. Thx Tai!
  Vitas Mironikus, LT, 10.09.2009
4 stars tour I want to thank you for organizing our sightseeing in Bangkok. It was of great value to us, to have personal guides
  Ingvar, Norway, 23.02.2009

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5 stars tour Excellent guide, excellent tour. Especially if you have limited time for Bangkok: you'll see all main city places.
Thank you Tai!
  Alexander Brius, France, 17.09.2009
5 stars tour Brilliant views from river, glorious places... MUST see!
  Ludmila Pak, Spain, 14.08.2009
5 stars tour Interesting, funny, very good value for very small money. I will recommend Tai and his tours to my friends. He and his tour - both are super!
I think it is best way to watch Bangkok from river at hot summer time.
  Petr Reshetnikov, Russia, 08.06.2009

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